Jefferson Township

Ashtabula County, Ohio

Jefferson Township

Ashtabula County, Ohio

Jefferson Township

335 E Erie Street

Jefferson, OH 44047


John Boczar, Chairman         78 W Cedar St          440-813-1270

Mike Shadle, V Chair           1220 Perry Rd          440-812-4271

Scott Barber                            637 E Beech St          440-813-2908


Fiscal Officer

Darlene Osborne                    1281 Griggs Rd         440-576-4840

Breaking News:

Our Zoning Text is now online in pdf format for you to download. Be careful, this is a long document and may take a long time to download, use a ton of bandwidth and hog a lot of memory.


You are going to find the most frequently requested forms below. Most of the forms can be completed and mailed to our address below. Zoning Permit Applications need to be completed by the Zoning Inspector. Just give Gene a call!

Airport Zoning

Our regional airport has just been updated! It can now accept much larger planes. As a result and, just to be safe, new permits need to be issued for the areas in the map below


Below is a link to the Airport Zoning Permit requirement area! Click the picture below to enlarge and review the map. Remember to call us before you build!

Click here to download our Zoning map

Click above to download zoning text