Jefferson Township

Ashtabula County, Ohio

Jefferson Township

335 E Erie Street

Jefferson, OH 44047


John Boczar, Chairman         78 W Cedar St          440-813-1270

Mike Shadle, V Chair           1220 Perry Rd          440-812-4271

Scott Barber                            637 E Beech St          440-813-2908


Fiscal Officer

Darlene Osborne                    1281 Griggs Rd         440-576-4840

We are Ready!

Please let us know how we can help you!

Winter is (almost) Here!

We will be out fixing roads and clearing road right of way drains and ditches!  And building our stokpiles of sand and salt! It's still late Fall but the snow has begun! Be careful!


Trees in the road right of way will be maintained by us if there is a need. If your trees are in the way of utility poles, the utility may clear the limbs. We can't remove your dead trees!



Our mission is to maintain the 22 plus miles of roadway in Jefferson Township in the best manner possible for our citizens. We drive all roadways each week looking at all issues. The Township Trustees have gotten most roadways paved over the last 20 years utilizing state grants where possible. Almost all of our roads are now paved or will be soon. There are still issues but we are completing projects as soon as possible. Watch these pages for information about upcoming projects to make the roads even better. Road construction projects wind down in the fall.

Jeff Takacs, Road Superintendent           335 E Erie St          440-576-2430

Ashtabula County (440-576-2816) is responsible for the maintenance of the county's roads

The State of Ohio (440-997-2276) is responsible for the maintenance of the state's roads.

Service provided by the township road department include:

     •     Snowplowing

     •     Replacing Culverts

     •     Installing Culverts

     •     Cleaning Ditches

     •     Right Of Way Issues

     •     Any Safety Issue