Jefferson Township

Ashtabula County, Ohio

Jefferson Township

335 E Erie Street

Jefferson, OH 44047


John Boczar, Chairman         78 W Cedar St          440-813-1270

Mike Shadle, V Chair           1220 Perry Rd          440-812-4271

Scott Barber                            637 E Beech St          440-813-2908


Fiscal Officer

Darlene Osborne                    1281 Griggs Rd         440-576-4840



Zoning is the first step in the legal, and fair, organization of property rights in Jefferson Township. To certify this legal nature and fairness we have a resolution providing for the zoning of the unincorporated area of Jefferson Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio, enacted in accordance with a comprehensive plan and the provisions of Chapter 519, Ohio Revised Code, by regulating the location, size, height, and use of buildings and structures, the area and dimensions of lots and yards, and the use of lands and for such purposes dividing the unincorporated area of the township into zones and districts of such number, sizes, and shapes as are deemed best suited to carry out said purposes, promoting the orderly development of residential, commercial, agricultural, recreational, and public areas, and providing for a method of administration and enforcement of this resolution. This resolution is named Jefferson Township Zoning Text.

This resolution is maintained and issues resolved by two organizations. The Zoning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Zoning Text is enforced and Permits are issued by the Zoning Inspector.

If you are planning any construction such as building a new structure, putting up a fence, sign, pool, or shed, you are required to apply for a Zoning Permit before any work is started. This applies not only to residential but all industrial and commercial buildings.

We do not keep office hours in the Zoning Department. Please call the Zoning Inspector to talk through your needs.  Of course, you can use our Contact form or email.

Some structures being built in Jefferson Township will require Airport Zoning. More information about these requirements can be found here.

Zoning Inspector:     

Zoning Board:

Lynn Hawkins, Vice Chair   440-858-3322

June Cartner                       440-576-7891

Joe Kalas                            440-437-8219

Darren Buell                        440-576-0479

Board of Zoning Appeals:

Charlie Curie, Chairman          440-812-8937

Wendell Obermyer, V Chair     440-624-4167

Pat Inman                                 440-813-2130

Ryan Goff                                 440-645-9727

Randy Anslow                           440-858-3059